Sunday, March 23, 2014

When You're the Best of Friends

I hope I don't make ya'll sick with marriage posts ... I promise, I'll do my best not to.
But can I just say how much fun it is?
Laundry is more fun when it's his socks.
Walking is more fun when you're together because you both wave at the neighbors.
Washing windows is more fun because there is someone on the other side you blow a kiss to.
Cooking breakfast is more fun because you know that no matter how badly you burn the toast he will still eat it with a grin.
Even sending him off to work is more fun (even though it isn't) because you know he'll be back tomorrow, with a big, toothy smile, ready to conquer the next day with you.
Thank you God for making marriage so beautiful. You are good and gracious and kind. Bless our days and give us the wisdom on how to glorify you best with them.
Your cheesy, happy friend,
Tomorrow, we go to look at a couch. Eeeee! :)
Soon I'll post pictures of our wee home.
Please keep in prayers some dear friends of mine. Pray for God's astounding peace and joy to be upon them.


  1. Dear friend, these posts are NOT cheesy. Not only are the married ladies being blessed by watching your first days together and remembering the excitement of their newlywed days, but - although this sounds very selfish and I hope you won't think it so - you can't imagine how helpful all (three?) of your marriage posts so far have been to me. Men and marriage still terrify me; and it's like exposure therapy for me to read your descriptions of what married life is really like. Please, feel free to gush and celebrate and overflow with joy all you want, because you are NOT bothering any of us (and are in fact helping some of us very much!)!!

    Blessings, hugs and prayers for you! I'm so happy for you that I could just explode!! **CONFETTI**


  2. It's very sweet to be reminded of first weeks of marriage through your eyes.

  3. I love reading your marriage posts. =) So keep 'em up!!! =D

  4. Frannie,
    This is so very sweet to see your marriage posts. Enjoy this time of two becoming one. I see I have some reading to do to get to know you. Looking forward to seeing more of your marriage thoughts.
    With Christian love,
    Heather (Whatever is Lovely)

  5. Dearest friends

    Thank you for your encouraging words! Ah, I'm sorry I'm just now getting to reply to your sweet notes.

    With love and blessings and a cup of tea!



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