Welcome to my little corner! I'm Frannie and I am so glad you decided to stop by. :)
I am a twenty-four  twenty-five year old wife (eeee!) who is loving life. My beau and I are in our second year of marriage and are loving every moment; from the joyous heights of successful date nights and settling into a new city to the itty-gritty details like sharing toothbrushes and deciding between ham or turkey in an Aldi's cold aisle. God is over-abundantly good to His children.

Which leads to another joy--the Lord. We are believers and followers of Jesus Christ. And what a joy that is! Each day I see more and more proof in my life how real and good God is. He is our life, our way, and our friend and to discover exactly how He changed my life visit my testimony page.

When I'm not toiling through an assortment of college classes you'll be sure to find me touring downtown shops, reading, enjoying quiet moments with family, studying other countries, eating yummy Thai food, or practicing my cursive in the form of a letter.

With coffee, always with coffee. :)
Love cats, coffee, and country cottages? Me too ... why don'cha hop on over and visit my Tumblr blog and soak up the joy there too.


Our wedding pictures were taken by the fabulous and lovely Amelia Protiva Photography. Do check her website out ... and if you're in need of a lovely and talented photographer be sure to send an email her way.
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