Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine's Coffee for You | Giveaway

Happiest hello's to you!
I have a little gift intended for one of you beautiful souls this Valentine's Day.
Together, One Cup Project and World Vision  are serving the world's poorest via our coffee cups ... our rather, your coffee cup.
If you enjoy award-winning brew (along with a beautiful, hand-carved, wooden scoop) I invite you to leave a comment below. Mention your favorite hot coffee/tea/beverage and, if you could choose anyone, who you would love to converse with while drinking that amazing drink.
For example, my favorite hot drink is a Screaming Monkey latte (yum!) and if I could choose any soul to share it with I would choose Corrie Ten Boom -- what a fun/amazing/blessed time I think I'd have!
On the 12th of February I will do an old-fashioned name draw and announce the happy soul. Lord willing, I'll have the package in the mail and (hopefully) ready to be opened the 14th! :)
With love, blessings, coffee and a happy Valentine's Day,


  1. I love to settle down with a hot mug of French coffee, enjoying the aroma in the steam. I'd love to chat with any one of my blog friends!

  2. I would grab a white chocolate peppermint mocha and cozy up to my husband for a chat :)

  3. I love to chat with my friend Marta over a hazelnut latte.

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  5. I LOVE Hazel's Highland Grog coffee and would absolutely love to sit across from either Mozart or Beethoven and convince them to teach me piano!! :)

  6. Dear Frannie,
    We've never met but I feel I know you oh so well. You are a beautiful writer and person inside and out, just like your mother!
    I LOVE coffee of all kinds and I would love to visit with your Mother and You catching up and knowing you better. What a lovely family she and your father raised.
    Happy Honeymoon & Happy Valentine's Day!


  7. I would have a Tim Horton's French Vanilla Cappuccino with my boyfriend. =)

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  9. I love vanilla steamers, and if I could, I'd love to talk to David Attenborough.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  10. Ooh! How lovely! Let's see..recently I've been enjoying dirty chai lattés. I always love our coffee + shopping days! ♥♥

  11. ohh a coffee giveaway! Hmm...French Press is my favorite but peppermint mocha are one of my favorite flavored drinks. With who? My husband of course or a past figure would be Amy Carmichael

  12. I'd want a hazelnut latte, and want to share it with my cousin (her and I are pretty close)


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