Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dear World


Dear world,

Last night, as I lay in that land between sleep and wakefulness, a deep, sincere wave of knowledge splashed over me. I am loved. Of course, you say. Of course, says God. Of course, says my family.

No, you don’t get it.

Someone besides my family and my closest friends and my awesome God loves me. Someone actually sees me for who I am. He accepts me when all I seem to be is tumult of emotion. He finds me special because I’m quirky--not despite of but because. He finds the strange gulping sound I make when drinking adorable and thinks funny, little me beautiful.

Unbelievable, I say. Incredulous. Unnatural.

Believe it, says God.

I always will, says Dalton.

And I sleep with the amazing knowledge that God is equipping me to live in ways I never dreamed possible. I’m being prepared to love in ways which will impact eternity.
With love,
P.S. Like that picture? Me too...find it here!


  1. What beautiful header photo, roses give me so much pleasure.
    You sound so happy, Frannie. I'm pleased for you. Love is a wonderful thing!

  2. Thank you, Mrs. Elizabeth! They are lovely bits to see! And thank you again for your encouragement and for rejoicing with me!

    You are a blessing!


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