Monday, June 17, 2013

He Knows You

I praise God for being the God Who seeks every heart in whatever season life finds them. God sought me when I was a young, wee girl full of imagination and childish innocence. He sought me when I was a rebellious teenager confused about love and real happiness. He even sought me during the recent days of singlehood while I attended to my day-to-day business and quiet life. No matter how uneducated, how untalented, or how alone a person may be the God of the universe seeks to know each soul and give them the grace to accomplish great things.

So, dearie, cheer up. The King of kings knows you. He knows your imperfections, your insecurities, and yet He pursues each moment.
Whoever you are, whatever season life finds you in, let us be full of good works and the hope of finishing the race set before us.

Love to you!


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