Saturday, January 12, 2013

In Which I Celebrate My Birthday

Public Service Announcement:

          It has been deemed necessary to disclose certain petty news with you, the readers of this blog. Earlier this week, upon a certain day, an anniversary of birth was observed; or, in a more common phrase, a birthday was celebrated.

          It is hard to conceive that the honorable authoress of this blog, Miss Frannie, (in case her name you forgot) turned the spritely age of twenty-three. Yes, indeed, the authoress has added one more year to her, at this time, short life.

          Rest assured the day was made as delightful as possible. At the beginning of the week, the young woman was taken to a much anticipated viewing of Les Miserables; it was a film worth the small fee and much more.

          The festivities continued on into the next day when Miss Frannie talked her most honorable brother and spirited cousin into a few hours of square dancing. Oh! If only you could have seen the joy radiating from each face, the quickness of each step, and the laughter from each mistake (for there were too many to count).

          The day finally arrived and it must be noted that it, the day itself, was absurdly ordinary. It involved hours of work, college classes, and a fruitful trip to the grocery store (literally). All in all, it was simple and almost forgotten even by the birthday-girl herself. (Perhaps her old age is affecting her memory . . .)

          The next day began again much as normal until, later in the night, a sweet gathering of friends, cupcakes, and brownies were made known in a surprise after church. Much laughter ensued when Miss Frannie failed to blow out the candles stuck deep in the brownie pan—she found it terribly difficult to “calm her face down” from smiling. J

          So, now that you, the faithful readers, have been properly lulled into slumber, I, the narrator, will leave you. (Would you look at those commas!)  Only beware! Soon, there will be the opportunity for one of you dearies to receive a token of love in the form of a giveaway. More information will be coming forthright!  

          Delighted to be another year older,




  1. Happy belated birthday Frannie!

  2. Birthday Blessings Frannie! How exciting.. to embrace another year of the beautiful like that the Lord has given you... your days sound as if they were filled with joy.. everything adding up to a blessed birthday. ;)
    {And square dancing.. what fun it is! We do quite a bit a contra-dancing down here... which sometimes involves square dances... I know just what you mean when you see the smiles radiantly shinning!}
    May the Lord fill you with His joy and love, and may each new day draw you ever closer to our Redeemer!


  3. Thanks you both for your sweet birthday blessings!!!

    You are so dear!

  4. Dear Frannie

    Happy belated Birthday!! :)
    We trust that you had a wonderful day and that the rest of the year will be extra-special for you, filled with God's richest blessings!

    God bless you.
    Jessica & Rachel.

    P.S. Thank you for your sweet comment on our blog, it's always good to hear from you and stay in touch. :)


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