Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What's a Girl to Do?

This bit o'  loveliness is right over here!
With quick fingers and a ready mind, the authoress will now attempt to share her heart within fifteen minutes . . . seeing that tardiness for biology class is not an option.

Ah, me. Ever since I turned the spritely age of twenty-one, my girlish hope of marriage have blossomed. However, unlike many of the females of my day, my hope is a little different. I do not hope to date around till I find the one. I do not hope to experience the wonders of hand-holding or smooching before marriage. I do not hope to fall madly in love with the one who I find smolderingly handsome or dashingly debonair. I hope for something else--for someone else.

I hope to be led into a relationship when I am ready, when he is ready. I hope to be guided by those wiser and older than me. I hope to keep my body and every wonderful, fascinating experience for him alone. I hope to fall fully in love with someone whose character is smoldering and who is daringly living for God. Sure, I do have physical likes (as in I do like brown eyes and I do love a good sense of humor) but I’ve found my sitting and dreaming over Mr. Right gets me nowhere except to a restless spirit and bugging out eyes. (Which we all know are NOT attractive.)

So, what can I do in the mean time? What should we do in the mean time? Continue checking out every cute guy for a wedding band? (Admit it, you do it too!) Continue spending hours dreaming about the day? (Guilty as charged.) While these things aren’t wrong, I wonder if they are the best? What in the world is a girl to do?

. . . .

We interrupt this program seeing that the authoress’ fifteen minutes have come to an end. Tune in next time for the conclusion of this fascinating article. (Don’t you love promoting?) J


  1. Ouch ... Yes, I check left hands for wedding bands ... yes, I have lost track of hours spent picturing the smile on his face when I walk down the aisle ... I'll even take it a step further and admit that I've named our first two children! It's a vexing topic because it is so wonderful to think about, yet it's so pervasive that sometimes I wonder if I think about anything else. I look forward to reading your ever-wise thoughts on the dread topic. :-) :-) :-)

  2. ♥ Oh Vickie, I love your open heart. Yes, it is tricky in that dreaming of home and marriage is a good and beautiful thing but going about it in a edifying and contented manner...this can be hard.

    I have loved your posts on domesticity. Certainly a blessing to me!

    A happy hug to you,


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