Thursday, February 12, 2015

Coffee, Valentine? \\ Giveaway Announced!

I love celebrating Valentine's Day + I especially get a kick out of sharing heartfelt goodies with friends! There was a lot of fun brewing (smeeheehee, pun!) with this giveaway + while I was away honeymooning I enjoyed reading each comment. You all are so great!
Home is always so sweet + we are thoroughly enjoying getting back into routine. Bags are unpacked, the pantry's restocked, + the happy winner drawn for our giveaway is ... 

Hurray!! Emma is a fun, quirky, amazingly perceptive friend I worked with at Discovery Ministries. You all would love  her blog -- she writes of newly married life + ministry. She is one of the friendliest souls I have ever met + true dearheart. Blessings to you, Emma!! I think I have your address but if not I'll find you somehow! ;)
Sweet friends, thank you for sharing yourselves with me through this giveaway. I have so much fun getting to know you ... next time a giveaway comes 'round I plan to have a more "action oriented" theme ... it will be a lot of fun too!
With lots of love, blessings, + prayers!

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