Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Song of Solomon | My Brief Study

This morning I spent a few quiet moments reading the Song of Solomon. It was my first time since I kept it for the day when I too was in love and preparing for marriage. I rejoiced in the joy,  beauty, and love I found within this special book—it is no wonder Father God included it within His Holy Word.

While reading, I took snapshots of phrases and passages which stood out to me. I will probably continue sharing them as I try to finish within the next few days.

 His Banner Over Me Is Love | Loving Embrace
Heavenly Words | Jesus & My Groom | Shared Opinions

Manly Delight | Summer Time Talk

Unapologetic Reunion | Welcomed Home

What I learned:
-         Bold, unhindered love is admirable and desired
-         Over-praising your beloved is impossible
-         Physical love is a lovely thing—not to be feared are regarded as shameful
-         Take in the time with your beloved so that your reflection could resemble that between Solomon and his bride
-         It is okay to be sick with love :)
-         The love given me reflects the same love Jesus has for me
-         True gentlemen desire the same characteristics as Christ (thou art fair, there is no spot in thee)
-         Manly delight is a good thing, God given. It is meant to be received with joy and returned delight
-         Energetic love is a good thing—not be thought silly or childish.
-         Solomon liked turtles just as much as Dalton J
-         Bold, unapologetic love for my beloved is not wrong or idolatrous and is perhaps welcomed
-         Unashamed delight in the physical aspects of marriage and in the person himself (I brought him into my mother’s house, into the chamber of her who conceived me) is meant to be exactly that—unashamed delight.
Main lesson learned:
To be overcome with the man I marry is not wrong, foolish, silly or to be avoided. If I want a man who returns such excited delight than perhaps reaching out to him in such a exuberant, truthful manner would ignite such response. If I am too grown-up for affection or too mature to feel abundantly than I am too grown and  too mature and not resembling the characteristics of union within God's Word.
I love the Bible--how wonderfully it teaches and instructs in every part of life!

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  1. So Frannie, was this your very first time reading Song of Solomon ever? Because that would be a very fascinating idea if that is indeed what you meant ... I'd love to hear more!

    And this post, while I can't truly understand it, does fill me with a sort of awe and quiet happiness. I still struggle with the thought of "letting go" enough to find this much joy and trust in another person; and as I work to conquer that needless (and harmful) fear, your posts are really helping me along. Thank you for sharing your heart and joy with us!! God really is using you and Dalton's love to soften and encourage some of us spinsters out here! :-D

    Sending a big grateful cyberhug your way!



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