Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Everyday Life: September

Summer is simmering down although there is still a lot going on. Earlier this month Mom and I enjoyed a weeked at my grandparents. We both met after work and began our five hour trip with an open sun roof, a package of pizza Combos, and the Drifters playing in the background.   

My Grandparents own this lovely place. We enjoyed a weekend full of good food, late night visits, and several hours perusing Pekin, Illinois’ Marigold Festival. There were so many vendors and people—so much fun! 

On slower days I spend time doing school work, cleaning, and occasionally baking this delish bread.

For those who may not know I am bread-making challenged. However, I found this recipe on (where else?) Pinterest and we have been thoroughly enjoying my budding ability! J

Of course I spend many special, memorable hours with my Beloved. Loving is so much fun! J Lately, we have enjoyed browsing a H U G E candy store, retrieving eggs, swimming, enjoying coffee visits with my parents, carving a pumpkin, surprising my brother at his dorm, working in the kitchen together and of course lots of good, stretching conversations.  

Some of my plans for September include:
1)   Finish the preparations for our 2nd annual tea party . . . so excited about this!
2)   Blow to smithereens Organize the craft area
3)   Write and mail my stack of overdue letters
4)   Finish The Eagle of the Ninth
5)   Avoid certain death--we have two very mean, very  brave roosters.  L I think they want me dead.
Thank you to all who have sent encouraging words and blessings my way! I am sorry for not keeping in better touch and I hope to improve
on that.
Blessings to each of you sweet friends!

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  1. I love the look of the little house belonging to your grandparents, so pretty and comfortable.


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