Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Brightened Moment of a Blogger

And then it hit me . . .

            “Beauty is as beauty does.”

This amazing thing called the world wide web has thousands of blogs waiting to be discovered; blogs written by delightfully sweet Christian maidens pouring out their hearts and lives. Lives full of beautiful things like vintage fashion, homemade bread recipes, splendid giveaways, literary talent resembling Austin, and a photography eye to boot. They’re witty, html-learned, well read, and to be embarassingly honest, incredibly intimidating.

Despair and a hollow sense of short-coming wash over me; what in the world can one offer when so many web addresses house such inspiring and lovely people? How can one compete when so many of her companion’s type out such pretty lives and design such fanciful headers?

Companions. A moment of lapse brightens my blog related dilemma and I’m reminded of who I fret against. Christian maidens. Maidens who are journaling their way through life hoping to accomplish the same thing I am: to encourage and bless. Beautiful maidens living their lives while seeking to glorify God with their feminine tastes and dreams; in the most simplest of titles, they are my fellow laborers in Christ; my companions.

I know my admiration (and occasional drooling spell) will not end with this discovery but my envy will. Instead competition I’ll offer praise and in place of despair I will provide thanksgiving. Because, “beauty is as beauty does,” and so many of you do many beautiful things.

Your blogging co-laborer in Christ,



  1. Frannie,

    I just want you to know that what YOU share through your blog encourages ME!

    Keep blogging for HIS glory!

  2. Frannie, I think your blog is quite lovely and encouraging - I love your sweet, gentle spirit and your active love for other people. You have a beautiful blog and I've really enjoyed it for the short time I've been following! :-)

    Be encouraged, because we all feel that way ... every blog is nicer than ours. :-) But your insight is totally true and very encouraging.

    And by the way, that's amazing that you and I have so many similar tastes in movies and music and books! We'll have to keep comparing notes and see what else we have in common! :-D

    Have a wonderful evening, Frannie!

    Love in Christ,

  3. Miss Frannie...
    Your words always encourage me... always draw me closer to the Lord...
    Indeed, these fears can fill us..they fill me at times... thinking "Who am I... there are hundreds of other young ladies who know so much more about htmls... photography.. writing... and such. But I must remember that I am who GOd has made me... and what I write, say, and do all must shine for His glory, whether anyone stumbles across it or not...

    Storing up treasures in Heaven!


  4. I like your new summery background, Frannie! It looks so bright and cheerful! :-)

    I tagged you over at my blog!



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