Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bramble Cottage // Favorite Things Series

Hey there, sweet peoples!
So happy to be introducing this fun, new series. A Few of My Favorite Things will be a be a summer-time place where I'll share favorite blogs, lovely things, music, and encouraging books with you. Basically, it will be a place of interacting and inviting you into my life as I share what has been in my home and across my laptop screen. Giveaways may even match ... super fun!
This week's favorite is the blog, Correspondence from Bramble Cottage. Kristin, the beautiful soul behind the screen, is a longtime friend who is married to her John and raising two adorable girlies. Her writings delight, inspire and bless.
My womanly heart has been blessed by Kristin's poetry and I have laughed when reading her baby daughter's day-to-day journalings ... yes, dear soul, you need to visit Bramble Cottage. Take a cup of goodness when you go ... you'll be scrolling for a while. ♥
I have to share a glimpse of Kristin's flower garden -- isn't it magical?
With lots of love and sunshine,
// photo credit belongs to John and Kristin Hollback //


  1. I would love to walk up the garden path, surrounded by those lovely flowers.

    1. Oh, you would love this little cottage, Miss Barbara. It would be so delightful for you.

  2. Elizabethd, come visit this summer!

    1. A bit difficult from England! I'll just dream.

    2. <3 I love that you two are talking!

      Kristin, I have dreamed about Miss Barbara coming to see our area ... or me traveling to her part of the world. It was be so special!


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