Monday, March 9, 2015

Downtown Travels | Jefferson City in Snow

I really enjoy Jefferson City.
Surrounded by beautiful country, the city seems to have the perfect mixture of old-fashioned beauty and modern convenience.

I especially enjoy living only two miles from the Capital; Dalton often drops me off on his way to work. I walk along the library, pass shops and eventually through the Capital building. It is always open for touring.  

The Governor's Mansion is truly beautiful. Behind it hides a Greek-themed garden planted years ago by the Governor's wife and several working prisoners. In the spring dog-wood blossoms and tulips greet everyone who pass by while several fountains have children (and adults) smiling.

When I wrote this two weeks ago the the city was cold and laden with small snowy piles.

On my latest walk I discovered a little museum tucked along the street; maybe our next date day can take us here. Our favorite pizza place isn't very far away ... ;)
Behind me are several railroad tracks and, even further, the Missouri River.
One day I plan to write a post about falling in love with a new city; sometimes it can be challenging adapting to a new home. Thankfully, the capital of Missouri seemed to have no trouble winning my heart and making me feel at home. :)
Do you enjoy where you are living? Is it more country or city? Did you ever have a difficult move? I would love to hear your stories.
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  1. You certainly look well wrapped up on a very cold day. So nice for me in England to learn a bit about part of your country.

  2. Your city looks like a sweet place to live! And you look so lovely all bundles up enjoying the day.

    We live in the country. But not too far back. There is a small town about 10 minutes away, and a fairly large city 30 minutes away.

    I never had neighbors growing up, and we were surrounded by woods. Now that I'm married I live right on a paved road (a fairly quiet one thankfully), and right next door to Justin's parents. Both have been quite an adjustment. But not too bad. :D

    Have a wonderful day my friend! Happy discovering!


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