Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Setting Up Your Bookcase

I love books.
I love holding them, hoarding them and harboring them neatly on my shelves.
I have a problem.
I also love bookcases.
I love making sure the books are ordered into matching subjects and then I subject the groupings to specific shelves.
And I love making the shelves pretty. In keeping with the living room's brown, cream and soft turquoise colorings, I painted the backboard with my favorite chalkpaint. On top of the case I put some of my favorite knick-knacks: a beautifully framed burlap monogram, our salt covenant bags + a few books.
A clock which chimes hymns, a few of Dalton's hand-carved soup figures and a D & F seem to feel at home and keep the books company.
Are you a lover of books or shelves or both? What sort of collections fill your shelves?
With love, coffee and lots of happy books!


  1. Love this!! I am also a book lover... I treasure them dearly. I have bookshelves full AND boxes of books in storage lol

    Your bookshelves look wonderful!! :)

    1. Thank you!! :) Hehehe ... you do love books! I'm glad to be friends with such a likeminded soul!!

  2. So many of my precious books are still in boxes as I haven't got enough shelving yet. What a pretty colour the aqua blue is.

    1. Oh, Miss Elizabeth, I hope shelves come your way soon. I imagine you have many lovely selections.

  3. Oh dear, this post is near and dear to my heart. Books, shelves and keeping order. My shelves do not have pretty things on them much anymore, that space has been claimed by any and every book lurking around our house. :)
    I shared my annual book sale post and I did include some book shelves from around our house, but not the ones in our room or our basement since they are an unruly bunch. LOL

    1. Oh, Miss Heather, how funny! Your books are lurking! :)

      I will have to be looking up that post ... you are always an encouragement!

  4. I love this post! I am a lover of books, too! And I noticed A Chance to Die among your books--such a powerful biography. I am hoping to have more space in the future for my books; most are in storage right now, but praying that the Lord will move us soon. :-) God bless you, Frannie!


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