Sunday, November 16, 2014

Evening Cozies

Winter time evenings are wonderful blessings, aren't they?
Sometimes they are full of mountains of laundry, mopping floors, and wiping down dirty sinks.
And sometimes they are full of hot coffee, good reading, painting, and quiet moments with the Lord.
I really do enjoy both.
Especially when they end with evening snuggles and kettle corn.
What are you doing this evening? What keeps you in these snowy, lovely nights?


  1. No snowy evening here. But it is a chilly 45 degrees. This evening was spent at church, then a return home to snuggle on the couch while watching football. :)

    Stay safe and warm my friend! Enjoy your lovely sounding evening. :D


  2. We rarely get snow in this part of England. But evenings are dark and chilly now, so it's good to be in a warm house with tea and a nice book.


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