Monday, September 23, 2013

When You Find Gold

If you ever meet a man who:

            Says he misses your nose

            Offers to help repair fence . . . for free

            Takes responsibility for your time and relationship

            Enjoys your family

            Tells you that you are beautiful—flaws and all

            Talks through conflict

            Chooses to forgive and forget

            Laughs at your jokes

            Tolerates your (adorable) cat

            Speaks truth into your life with simplicity and love

            Wants you to voice your thoughts

            Researches your unanswered questions

            Speaks sincerely of your future

            Admits when he does not know

            Leads you closer to the Lord

Pray for that man. Encourage and bless his efforts. Support his dreams. Practice a thankful heart. Love him; respect him; choose him. Above all, realize the treasure you have been given and hold it in high esteem.

He may be different than what you had imagined. He may not be a polished speaker, a Charles Spurgin, or a hardy Anabaptist. But if he is a man of God he will be a reflection of Christ—a leader with a gentle, meek heart—a man who will lead you to fulfill your calling as a godly woman.

Wait for him, dear sisters, for he is worth the wait; when he appears hold onto him realizing the gold he is.
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