Thursday, May 16, 2013

On This Day

It’s a lovely day.


Well, I was able to drink coffee and read my Bible without rushing about. No running to work or town.

It gets better. Today I will be spending several hours baking and cooking cakes and salads as well as crafting things like banners and writing letters . . . alone. Just me, my music, and my prayers going about flopping laundry, chopping chicken, and mopping floors.

Which is plum wonderful since summer work is approaching rapidly, my brother’s high school graduation is arriving, and my family and I will soon be loading almost-everything-you-can-think-of into the Suburban and leaving for a camping escapade next weekend.

Yes, this bit of solitude--this moment of quiet work, it does wonders for a soul like mine.  

With lots of love from your quiet friend,


P.S. Lots of you have left sweet comments and I am sorry I haven’t responded to them yet. I appreciate each one and hope to “send a note your way” soon!
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  1. Those moments of quietness are very precious.
    Enjoy your camping!

  2. Sounds like the type of day I hope to enjoy sometime in the near (I hope)future. A perfectly lovely and sometimes very much needed day like that once in awhile is my opinion!

  3. I want a day like that too!! One needs a day such as that to rejuvenate the soul at times . I hope you enjoyed it to the maximum!! Love you!!


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