Wednesday, May 29, 2013

God is Really Good

“I have a blog . . . is that dorky?”

“Yea, but in a good way.”

{This is the line that stopped my heart.}

Dear, sweet friends,

God is good in His arrangement of our lives. For so many years I have never truly believed that my God had created someone who would like me, all of me. I’m a nerd who has a thing for dainty doilies and old books. I laugh at things no one else finds funny and I view life through glasses not many wear. My hair has a mind of its own and I’ll never be a size 2 or 6 or . . .

I’m just Frannie. A woman who loves Christ and wants to live a life for others.

And just when I thought that I’d be okay, that I could be joyfully content with my life, God throws a surprise my way--a handsome, sincere, godly surprise with blue eyes and the ability to make me laugh and think. Our heavenly Papa is a really good gift giver.  :]

If you want to see God laugh then tell Him your plans and then learn to rest in Him. He is worthy of all your trust and He is good. One day, when I have the proper time to capture my thoughts, I’ll share my adventure in more detail.

Love to you!



  1. Please! Please! Please! Please! Hurry, and tell us the rest of the story! haha, no seriously, I can't wait to hear what happened! :)

  2. How lovely to feel your happiness coming through in your writing, Frannie.

  3. I agree with Elizabethd - I feel your happiness, too. ;-) I can't wait to hear your story! But in the meantime, enjoy these beautiful spring days together!

    ~ Vicki

  4. :]

    You ladies are SO wonderful. Thank you for your joyful encouragement and love...I'm so glad I can share my journey with you!



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