Friday, April 12, 2013

The Sunday Christian

Dear God,

Am I really, truly pure?

I mean, I’m the girl who’s saving herself for marriage, the one who tries to be sweet yet careful around men, the one who you’ve delivered from so many bondages.

But lately, well, my mind just seems to wander.  

I’m so preoccupied with every thought but you. Idols seem to popping up everywhere in my mind; strongholds, though seemingly innocent, are growing stronger and stronger.

You talk about loving you with all my heart, all my strength, and all my mind. All.

It’s so easy to be fake with people. I can smile sweetly and talk church talk all day. No one really sees that deep down inside I’ve let the cup get dirty. No one see the skeletons shaking about in the closet.

Except you.

You see right through me. You see right through the religious, vain talk. You see right through the pretty smile and the aura of piety. You see me: a lonely girl who is desperately resisting her Lord’s leadership.

Lord, let me be real. Help me to open the closet to your powerful, life-giving light. Purge me of the dross which so easily settles within me. Jesus, transform my mind with your word so that I may be authentic and pure of heart and mind.

Wanting to be so much more than a Sunday Christian,

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