Thursday, February 7, 2013

My God Can do All Things

I just want to yell out the faithfulness of my God.

He promises to meet all our needs.

Sometimes He meets our needs when we least expect it and sometimes He chooses to ignore our deadline to meet His.
And sometimes He gives us not what we want but what we need.

If my earthly father is sweet and loving and a good provider how much more is my Heavenly Father?

My Abba Father truly is faithful and knows all that I need.

I don’t have to beg him with unnecessary cries. He already knows what things I have need of before I ask Him.

Sisters, let me tell you something:

        Trusting God to meet all our needs (financial, emotional, physical . . .) is hard and scary. But observing the God of the heavens meet my puny needs is incredible.


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  1. A verse that means a lot to me comes from Jeremiah 29....He has a plan for me.
    Often I wonder about the next step, but can only go on in the knowledge that He is there before me, understanding my needs.


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