Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In Which I Count the Blessings

 Lately, in my wee life, blessings overflow.
Right now it’s busy. School and (God-given) work demands my attention. Four or five rambunctious 1st graders require some devotion every Sunday morning. Trying to serve my wee family while Mom’s away (and to keep sweet about it) seems to take every moment not already given away.
But with all this comes so many blessings.
j Watching God literally meet my financial needs. Being a student with a seasonal job sometimes makes winter a little tight. Yet, my Father has so faithfully supplied my needs. Trust me, the gas tank always gets filled through His care and oversight!
k Being a Sunday School teacher is way harder than I expected. But watching little hearts take in the Word of God . . . it is amazing. (And being loved by little hearts isn’t so bad either J)
l Sometimes, ahem, I mean more often than not, I lose my patience when it comes to serving around the house. It amazes me how quickly a clean kitchen can turn into a disaster zone; therefore, I am learning the beauty of family life outside a clean kitchen. My family is amazing--full of laughter and moments of closeness. A clean home is wonderful but building friendships is much more rewarding.
m I’ve also discovered the beauty of honesty. I had been feeling insecure about something and was allowing it sour my relationship with my dad. Only after I brought it up did I gain peace and understanding about who I am (accepting the abilities God has wisely given me) and how I can grow.
n Talking on the phone isn’t easy for me; therefore, when Mom’s on a military deployment I tend to shell up. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened. Both she and I have purposefully talked and though I miss her, I feel our friendship has grown in news ways over the last two months.
o Speaking of blessings . . . Lord willing, Mom will fly home within the week! How wonderful! Also, do I hear retirement-bells ringing somewhere in the near future? . . .
p I do! In honor of those retirement-bells I foresee a wonderful celebration trip to Florida . . . March 8th! Eeek! Disney World, princess crowns, sun rays, family time, freckles, and photos with Belle and Rapunzel coming soon! (I wonder if Eugene Fitz Herbert will be there too? Hmmm . . . J)
q Classes are going well . . . although homework is never done in a timely fashion. I thoroughly enjoy my New Testament class and am seeing God’s Word in a brand new light!
r This weekend I am blessed to accompany my church’s young people to St. Louis. There we will spend time serving and learning about the city’s homeless. SO excited!! I have been praying for a door into city missions and feel God will use this. Excitement!
s Finally, throughout life’s busyness and interesting turns, I am blessed to find God’s peace real and tangible. God is interested in our lives and surrendering to His will brings so much joy and quiet peace. I definitely do not abide in Him as I ought and so I am thankful he keeps seeking and caring for me--even when that means diciplining me.
“Yes, in me, in me He dwelleth
I in Him and He in me.
And my blessed soul He filleth
Now and throughout eternity.”
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