Saturday, January 26, 2013

An Introvert's DIY: Refreshing an Introvert's Heart

Being pegged an introvert can be a terrible moment. Images of lonely, old spinsters, cantankerous hermits, Emily Dickenson, and Bronte’s Wuthering Heights may unwittingly propel themselves into sight; yet, never fear! God has created so many wonderful sorts of people and the way we unwind or gather our senses is just one aspect of His creativity.
So, without further ado, here is a short DIY on refreshing your dampened spirits. Of course, this isn’t the end all. In fact, I would love to read your ideas, introverted or not! J
Refreshing an introverted heart:

Looks like finding a favorite book and a quiet corner full of pillows and light. Pages turn quietly as one laughs or cries with the novel’s hero while the brow often furrows when pondering political or theological pieces.

It looks like breaking free of the indoors and talking a stroll through the nearest meadow, a camping trip in the closest forest, and for the city-dwellers, a slow walk downtown.  It can involve star gazing and imagining shapes in clouds. Sometimes it is letting your nose turn red from the January air while giving limbs a chance to flop about and pump blood.
For me, it involves quiet moments talking with God, squirrels, and plants, especially the fun mushrooms I pick. Why, don’t you do that too? 

It looks like unbundling from the cold, turning the burner on, and pouring yourself a mug of chai tea, plopping marshmallows into hot coco, or brewing a pot of coffee.
Then, after gathering all the necessary trimmings (honey, milk, peppermint sticks), it looks like pulling up to the kitchen table with a close friend; a kindred spirit. It could be a hubby, a mother, a sister, or a comrade in Christ. Someone close to your heart.
Whoever it is, little is said since warm looks and sincere statements bring more refreshment than amounts of gab.

 There really are so many wonderful ways to cheer an introvert:
It could be writing letters of encouragement,
Spending time alone with God,
Snuggling in with your favorite movie,
Penning away in ajournal,
Creating a special gift or craft for home and friends,
Or reading a sheet of music.
Why not be a blessing to your local introvert and help find a little time in their day for whatever lifts their heart; I assure you, a little love and thoughtfulness is good for every person, introverted or not!
Love to you,
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