Monday, December 24, 2012

The Beautiful Couple

         Hello dears! I hope this finds each of you rejoicing in the good news of Jesus Christ! He has come into this world not to bring condemnation but hope and love. I am thankful to God for bringing His Son into this world and redeeming us through His death! He is good and full of mercy!

This post is a little unusual for Christmas Eve.

It is about this fear that I have.

          I’m afraid that one day, whenever my Lord wills, I’ll enter into a relationship with a man a rule book. I’m afraid that if ever Jim-dear comes asking for my heart I’ll hinder the relationship because…well, we have to follow the latest, most conservative and fool-proof form of courtship/dating.

          I’ll worry about how he will lead us . . . what if he wants to be different than the regular (albeit boring) Prince Charming found in the courtship how-to manuals? I’ll fear the disapproval of others when they find out he doesn’t quite believe in you-name-it.  What will they say when we break the normal, cookie-cutter standards found in the parent handbook on “How to Get Your Young People Married Without Any Heartbreak and Physical Contact”?

          What if they, whoever the mysterious they are, find out we’re just two unique individuals seeking God and His will for us?

I am afraid that my silly, irrational fear of man will never disappear; that I will never be ready for marriage because I am too concerned over what others think.
. . .

And then I see one of my best friends enter into a courtship, a glorious, outside-the-box courtship. Then they became engaged. It is not by-the-book but it’s God-led. It’s pure. It’s beautiful. It’s original. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s joyous.

Watching their love grow for God and one another encourages me to not be so afraid; has He not promised to lead? Has He not promised to guide? Will He not give wisdom? Do I really need to seek the approval of man or only the approval of my loving Heavenly Papa?

Thinking on this gives peace, sweet heavenly assurance of His validation and guidance. And I’m not so afraid.

I wonder if I am the only one who thinks this way. Do any of you older sisters have advice for us younger egglets? I sometimes think the incredible resources, sermons, and how-to books my generation has been raised on not only raises a high standard (which is wonderful!) but also fear of failure. Some of us want to be so perfect we miss the point.

We miss the beauty God places in each unique relationship.

What do you all think?

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