Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Choosing this Moment

“Wherever you are - be all there.” Jim Elliot’s simple observance holds great truth. “Be all there;” but where exactly  is that? For me it’s at home, at school, at church. What does it mean? I believe it means to live at home abundantly—to love my family without   reserve and with utmost  care. To work as unto the Lord on my math homework (eek!) and to seek God’s will for the lives of my fellow classmates; to be ready to say the word or give the smile that they need. To ceaselessly  pray for the church, to cheerfully  give of my resources (even going beyond financial), and to serve those within it. To live in Christ led abandon for the God who has all power and a vision for my life . . . including this current moment.

Praising Him for this good time!


  1. This quote follows me!! It's a challenge to live it out. The temptation to excessively plan or daydream is always strong for me. The thing I most struggle with! Thank you for your wonderful posts :)

  2. It is so true! I often have to put aside future dreams for what is given now. Thank you for your sweet comment!



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