Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer with a Purpose- Week Four

Greetings dear sisters in Christ! I hope you all are having a day filled with sunshine both outside and inside.

I am super excited because, while this is the fourth week in "Summer with a Purpose," it is my first punctual reporting time! :) These past few weeks I have stayed pretty productive. But this week, I'm sad to say, I slowed down quite a bit. First, we spent the July 4th in Wyoming and arrived back home Monday night. And since then I have been spending my mornings working at camp,
making breakfast and being on the cleaning crew. After getting home though, I would go into relaxation mode. :o( While I was not very productive I was able to do a few small (but blessed) things. I was able to dust my room, make a blackberry/blueberry cobbler, spend some time visiting with some dear friends, and I have almost finished Eight Cousins. 

I still have the following things on my list: write letters, practice my violin, finish Eight Cousins, and make a birthday card, and help with supper! :)  

I hope you all had a better week than I did! 
May the Lord bless your weekend, 

P.S. The sweet picture of Eight Cousins can be found right here. And the lovely picture of the blackberry cobbler can be found here. 


  1. I've always wanted to read that book. Is it good?

  2. Mm, dusting my room is something I need to do! And goodness, I'm not typically a "blueberry person" but that cobbler looks so good!

    I'm glad you're able to do so much at camp! I know how that is when you've been working somewhere you just want to sit back a bit when you get home!

    Have a wonderful week Frannie,


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