Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hello, March.

My, you’ve been the quite surprise.
Full of summer in your sunshine and winter in your shadows.
The soil broke open on warm days and soft, white flakes float down on cold ones.
 I praise the Maker of all the seasons. I rejoice in His variety and majesty. 
Huddled warmly inside as the snowflakes fall,
All these sweet photos were found at this link. Enjoy!


  1. It is hard for us to imagine the snow falls that USA and Canada are having. After two days of glorious sunshine we now have pouring rain!
    Lovely photos.

  2. March is indeed a beautiful season! How swiftly it came, and now is passing by so fast! The cold and warm collide, and the new life blooms after a quiet winter. Such beauty is found during this season!

    Lovely photos, dear friend!


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