Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Free Adversment: Marriage Prep

“For most of our people, God is marginal and a hundred good
things usurp His place. To think that their marriages could be
lived for His glory by teaching on the dynamics of relationships,
when the glory of God is so peripheral, is like expecting the human
eye to glorify the stars when we don’t stare at the night sky
and have never bought a telescope. 

So knowing God and cherishing God and valuing the glory
of God above all things, including your spouse, is the key to living
marriage to the glory of God. It’s true in marriage, as in every
other relationship: God is most glorified in us when we are
most satisfied in Him

Here is a key that unlocks a thousand doors. Superior satisfaction in God above all earthly things, including your spouse
and your health and your own life (Psalm 63:3, esv, “your steadfast
love is better than life”) is the source of great long-suffering
without which husbands cannot love like Christ, and wives cannot
follow like the bride of Christ, the church. Ephesians 5:22–
25 makes plain that husbands take their cues of leadership and
love from Christ, and wives take their cues of submission and
love from the devotion of the church for whom He died. And
both of those complementary acts of love—to lead, and to submit—
are unsustainable for the glory of God without a superior
satisfaction in all that God is for us in Christ.”

--John Piper 

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 Because He is absolutely worthy,


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