Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Not Again

Not again.

 Has anyone ever sighed the words, "not again" ? I tend to utter these words in a selfish, whining tone whenever I see pillows scattered about the floor or unwashed dishes. Typically, they are accompanied by an unwelcoming, sour attitude and my sweet family members try to keep away . . . far away.
"Watch out, Frannie's a stormin' about!"
And I’m not even married. Being the oldest daughter often lends opportunities to (try) and help around the house.

But sometimes I forget that it is a blessing. More importantly, I forget who I am serving.
Jesus calls Christians to be servants; He calls us to die to ourselves and live for Him daily, offering our lives as living sacrifices. Thankfully, He does not call us to do anything He hasn't and He willingly gives us grace! Most amazingly, a simple thing like offering a glass of water in His name becomes an act of worship.

So, what about mopping, wiping down bathrooms, and preparing meals? Yes, these too become wonderful ways to worship Christ . . . and to uplift and bless those I love and live with.
I am guilty of uttering the words not again far too often. Oh, may my heart rather say, “Yes Lord, even in these mundane things I will joyfully serve you; again I will plunge my hand to the task and see it as an act of service.” I’m learning that it is the little things in life which make it most lovely and full of impact.

Learning to say, "Yes, Jesus, I will give again,"
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  1. I do the same thing, Frannie! I don't know how many times I've come into the kitchen and seen dishes, or the cabinets doors all open (for some reason, that is my biggest one!), or legos from little brother scattered all over the newly cleaned living room. It can be extremely frustrating. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, though! I truly appreciated them. I tend to get grouchy easily at little things like this, but try to steer away from it is very difficult indeed! :/ Wish it wasn't, but oh well. I guess that this is how God grows us more and more each day. :)


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