Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's Final-ly Here!

This is it!

This is the week of finals and I am . . . I am . . .

  . . . .

Excited.Prepared.Not prepared. Screaming.{And everything in between} Drinking coffee.Thinking.Hoping.Dreading.
I’m actually pretty excited; some people get adrenalin rushes from bungee jumping or driving too fast. I chase finals. It’s very strange, I know, but while I dread finals I also love them  . . .  in the same way I imagine the young men of Indian tribes feared and loved the difficult task of entering manhood. We must do it. We can’t stop it. So let’s embrace it. 
Keeping calm, looking to Jesus, and making this for Emergent Literacy:

With love,

P.S: My Author/Illustrator presentation went pretty well! My new shoes left me slit marks in the back of my heels but all-in-all the group pulled together! 
P.S.S: Vickie! Thank you for the award; so fun! Sometime this week I hope to get it up! J


  1. Praying for you, Frannie!! We'll both get through these old finals and emerge triumphant into our Christmas vacation!! :-D

    You're quite welcome for the tag - have fun with it when you have time!


  2. ♥ Thanks so much for your prayers and sympathy, Vickie!

    I do hope your finals went well, too!

    With love to you!


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