Sunday, December 2, 2012

In Which She Makes (not another!) List

          love, I mean like, Blimey Cow. I love being challenged to think new thoughts while laughing my head off; I love comparing the realities of “You might be a homeschooler if  . . .” with the amazing life-like videos. Please go and check them out if you already are not one of their thousands of visitors.

          Needless to say . . . I’m not here to report on Blimey Cow. I’m actually here to begin a fun process entitled (clearing throat):  Monthly Report Cards. This fantastic idea came from Kelli over at She Learns as She Goes. (Perhaps you’ll recognize her from, where else but, Blimey Cow) J

          Basically, I hope to set a few attainable, helpful goals for each month and then at the end I will give a report card. For example, if I make one of my goals to daily quill in my journal and yet only actually pen a total of 3 days, I might make an F on the report card. Or, perhaps I will make it a goal to do some sort of crafty thing once a week, and actually do so, I may make a B+ or an A. (Oh, how the student in me loves A’s.)

          So, with no further ado, my list:

Make Meals Daily.

Yes, I do eat daily. But, more often than not, I haven’t been the one preparing them as of late. And that isn’t as it should be. So I resolve, whether I have class that day or not, that I will somehow, someway prepare something for supper. My men will have nourishment!

Finish the Semester Strong

We’re almost done and almost out of steam but I really want to push through and finish this semester well.

Finish two Books from “Currently Reading Shelf”

I wonder if you’re like me: starting a book, setting it down, beginning two or three more and never finishing any of them? I believe I have about five books desiring to be thoroughly read and put away. I am aiming to finish two of them this month.

Help Decorate for Christmas

I shouldn’t be a scrooge just because I am (for some strange reason) really enjoying the fall decorations still. J

Memorize Matthew 6-7

Recently, some friends and I began a Bible Memory club (which has proven helpful and fun by the way!) Starting in October, we were assigned to memorize Matthew chapter 5. This past November Matthew chapter 6 was supposed to be mastered . . . alas, it is now December 1st and I only have a few verses completed. I must make memorizing a priority this month.

Return Rented Textbooks and Order New Ones

It’s that time of the year!

Actually, Truly, Follow-through with this

If you’ve been visiting here long you already now I have a habit of getting really excited about something and then never finishing it. It's very sad. Therefore, the real test is whether or not I will follow-through and “grade” my goals come the end of December. J

I am really excited to see how this goes; I love accountability as much as I love working with others so I feel this may be helpful (as well as fun!). I’d better scoot on to bed . . . big things are happening tomorrow!

May God richly bless you!

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