Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sweet Blessings

Experiencing one of those beautiful days full of rain, Dickens, homework, Phil Collins, and tea.

            (And normally, I hate tea.)

I am so grateful God gives these times . . . and that He made me an introvert.

How is your weekend?


  1. Yet another surprise interest that we share, Frannie - I love Phil Collins! Which of his songs is your favorite? :-)

    It was rainy here today, too - I was going to run some errands, but it was just too chilly and wet to get out. I stayed home and ate my mom's good chicken noodle soup, played a weird airplane-racing computer game for three hours (which I never do), and watched Hobson's Choice. And did a little Spanish homework and knitting. :-)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friend! Stay warm and dry!


  2. We got some rain as well! It was such a blessing. Gives the grass to grow a little higher for the cows to eat during the winter months. My weekend has gone pretty well. I did some shopping yesterday for material for my graduation dress (It's a super cute pattern that looks elegant, but I could wear it to church on Sunday, or to a friend's house because it isn't TOO fancy... ). Then my sister, brother and I went and saw the new Bourne Legacy at the dollar theater. :) Today I've been working on making up some hair tutorials and also cleaning up in my room and sewing room... :) So yes, been a great weekend so far. :)

    I hope you enjoy your book and cup of tea! I love rainy days like those! They just don't work for my new resolution to not sleep in! ;) hehe!

    Love you, dear, and I hope you're doing well. :)

    Oh, and Vicki, my sister absolutely loves Hobson's choice!

  3. ♥ Hello Vickie! It is amazing how much alike we sometimes are! I don;t really listen to him alot but I do love his Disney "Tarzan" soundtrack. What do you like of his?

    Haha! It sounds slike you had a refreshing day! With love and blessings to you,

    ♥ Hello sweet Sarah,
    It also sounds like you had a refreshing weekend! I'm looking forward to maybe seeing your dress once finished! With lots of love!


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