Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Before We Begin


It’s only Wednesday but I feel that the world is stirring about, kicking the leaves, or fidgeting; the kind of feeling like something important or exciting could lazily stretch out of its hole and come unexpectedly upon me.

Already I’ve had a few surprises this week. On Monday, I sat in a comfy dentist’s chair and listened to my poor hygienist share her prolonged desire to be a teacher and that her current job wasn’t quite to her liking. She then proceeded to ask me to open my mouth . . . 

Mom and I then laughed our heads off as I tried to eat Chinese with a numbed mouth—it really was quite hilarious.

Tuesday turned out to be quite fun when I arrived at work and discovered that the group I was serving wanted to eat an hour earlier; after gasping for air and frantically checking and re-checking the menu for the next 3 minutes, I flew into action. In the end there was a pile of dishes, a yummy dish of macaroni casserole, and a happy, energized me.

Alas, my energy did not hold out for the biology test which was to be taken later that day. I’m afraid I forgot all about crossing over genes, alleles, and heterozygous chromosomes.

So here I sit, preparing my tea, watching the trees dance in the wind, and feeling like something exciting approaches. I hope that before it does arrive, I can enjoy a hot cup o’ chai tea and . . . change out of my pajamas.

What adventures have come your way?

          ♥, Frannie

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