Thursday, February 16, 2012

Choosing the Important

Visit this link for more of Mrs. Lind's story.
"I am thinking of Jenny Lind. She was one of the greatest singers who charmed the world and adorned the profession of the Christian faith. She was known as the Swedish Nightingale. At the peak of her singing powers she suddenly quit opera to return to it nevermore.

Jenny Lind was once asked by a young lady, as she sat on the beach at Ostend, Belgium, with her Bible on her lap and her gaze fixed on the sun as it was setting in all its majestic glory over the gentle waves: '"What made you leave the opera, Madame"'?

She stepped down at the very time of her coronation as queen of the opera world. Laying her hand upon her Bible, Jenny Lind replied: "'Because, my dear, every day I was thinking less and less of this [pointing to her Bible], and [pointing to the glorious sunset] nothing of that, and so I gave it up without regret for a greater life.'" She was somewhat like Moses of old who exchanged a cross for a crown."

                                          --L.E. Maxwell of World Missions Total War


  1. How interesting. I certainly didn 't know that. She was the most talented singer.

  2. Hello Mrs. Elizabeth,

    I am too curious . . . have you listened to her yourself? That is so neat.


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