Monday, June 21, 2010

A Day for Washing Windows

Greetings! Today is a hot and lovely day. Getting off early from work, I have much to do at home. As you may have guessed washing windows is on the top of the list! So to help encourage and promote my task, I'm going out with a few godly cds and an optimistic attitude! :)
Have you ever heard of Cheri Keaggy? She is a wonderful Christian singer and one my favorite songs is titled "Heavenly Father." It's words are so true to my life and I would encourage you to read them and if you would like listen to it here!

"Heavenly Father" by Cheri Keaggy

Father, Heavenly Father
Have I told You I love You today
Have I told You I need You
Father, Heavenly Father
If I have not then I'm telling You now

I love You
I need You
I know I would be lost without Your love
Father, You are my God
You are my God
Heavenly Father, be God again today

I will remember You
As You remembered me
And I will not forget the day I let You in
Father, You are my God
You are my God
Heavenly Father, be God again today

I hope every one is having a lovely day and making it one too! Let us follow Christ with vigor and love!
God bless you!

P.S. This lovely picture is from Martha Stewart's Home and Garden page.

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  1. hello. I thought I'd rest from cleaning house and peek in to some of the sites I follow before work starts again tomorrow.


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