Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Around the Halbert Home

A view of our small town of Eminence.

A morning view from our porch.

Welcome to our Halbert Home!

Jeremiah and Momma schooling on the front porch.

Kimo and I. (I'm in my apron) :)

Right inside our front door is the living room. Recognize those couches?

Momma sitting in the living room- so pretty!

Momma's pretty table with pictures in the living room.

Jeremiah's bedroom.

Frannie's bedroom.

A peek into our dining room...please excuse the boxes. :)

The rack that hangs over our kitchen counter.

Our family room looking into the sunroom.

Our fireplace insert in the family room.

There are a few pictures missing (like Allie's and Dad & Mom's bedroom). They'll be here as soon as possible! :)

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